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Scores of Contemporary Japanese Music


Composer/Arranger/Keyboard Player. Was active as keyboard player of a crossover/fusion band "Landscape" in Osaka, Japan, during the period from 1982 through 1987. In the 1990's, mainly engaged in computer-oriented music. Came back to the contemporary music scene in 2016 with the premiere of "The War Stood in the End of Corridor" for trumpet solo.

Title Arranger Instrumentation
"In the Castle Ruins" for piano solo
Keyboard Solo
"Non-Euclidean Paramecium" for Zephyros and Theremin (or any 2 instruments)
Other Duo
"Potsdam Declaration"
Keyboard/Wind/Vocal Trio
"Where Do the Birds Fly Now" for Wind Ensemble
Wind Wind Ensemble
A Fluffy Dream for 4-hand piano
Keyboard Brass Duo
A Hundred Spooks Marching (Shakuhachi, Cl. Va, Vlc, 13-So, 17-So)
Other Sextet
A Tale of a Young Dragon
Wind Wind Ensemble
Ballad in Sepia (Trp. Vibraphone)
Wind/Percussion Brass Duo
Canons for Trumpet, Horn and Trombone
Wind Brass trio
Capriccio for flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn, and fagot
Wind Quintet
De Vulkanen (The Volcanos) (Trp. Pf. Version)
Keyboard/Wind Duo
De Vulkanen (The Volcanos) (Trp. Pipeorgan)
Keyboard/Wind Duo
Eternal River-Reunion (Solo Piano Version)
Keyboard Solo
Fantasy on the theme of Mori-no-Kumasan
Keyboard Solo
Fughetta and Scherzo for Trumpet and Trombone
Wind Brass Duo
King's Banquet (Piano solo for children)
Keyboard Solo
Lament for solo piano
Keyboard Solo
M=h(n) (Harp Solo)
Other Solo
Monograph for Saxophone
Wind Solo
Paraphrase On "Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott" (Brass Ensemble)
Wind Thirty-part
Rainfall Shuffle for 3 percussionists
Percussion Trio
The War Stood in the End of the Corridor (revised version 2019) Trp solo
Wind Solo
Three Arabesques for String Quartet
String Quartet
Un Piccolo Divertimento (Dizi, Yangquin)
Other Brass Duo
Un Piccolo Divertimento (Flute and Piano)
Keyboard/Wind Duo
Vermilion Winds (Piano, Vln, Cello)
Other Trio
Vocalise for Soprano and Piano
Keyboard/Vocal Duo
Wèile míngtiān
Other Trio