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4 short pieces for trombone quartet

This piece was commissioned by Norikazu Naoi and composed in 2018. It consists of four short pieces of music, about 12 minutes in total.
The four trombones are almost homogeneous in terms of sound quality, and allow the composer a great deal of freedom in terms of fulfilling the basic vocal structure of four in Western music. In other words, it is challenging instrumentation. The composer's interest is focused solely on how to combine the four notes to create an attractive sound and movement.
The first piece is the opening, presenting the chords that will be the center of the entire piece. The second piece is in ABA tripartite form, with the A section focusing on the texture of the four trombones as they weave in and out of turns, and the B section featuring a waltz. The third piece is a capriccio, with long drawn-out notes and short staccato dots. The fourth piece, the finale, recreates the first chords of the first piece, and then the music develops rhythmically to a climax.
In addition to Mr. Naoi, I received valuable advice from Mr. Kosei Murata, to whom I would like to express my gratitude. This work was premiered by the MPG Trombone Quartet (Masayoshi Sabase, Manabu Sato, Yasuyuki Yamamoto, and Norikazu Naoi) at their first concert on February 5, 2022.

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