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Wèile míngtiān

The composition has been inspired by Tai Chi exercise

The Tai Chi (here, specifically the You Mai Ji Taikyoku Ken) consists of a series of 24 actions.

The basic idea of a composition is that those 24 actions be related to 12 tones of an octave and 2 scales for each, namely Ritsu and Ryo.
(Ritsu is Do Re Fa So La, and Ryo is Do Re Mi Sol La in simple form.) The main scales are performed mainly by Clarinet or Violin. Other parts are giving obligato on different tonal surface. Of course, Tai Chi is free from the constant flow of time. There is no time signature nor tempo designation.
However, if the specified actions are performed as a series, they will be ends after roughly the same length of time. The idea of time here is completely different from the principle of the Western music, which has a time signature based on equidistant pulses, and is somewhat “framed”, even with some expansion and contraction.

Therefore, this composition is not expected to be performed at the same time with Tai Chi exercise. The tempo is fixed at 76 beats per minute,
follows the above-mentioned 24 scales. The performance time is about 11 minutes, which is roughly the same as the exercise duration.

This composition has been premiered by Phidias Trio (Vn. Maiko Matsuoka, Cl. Ryuta Iwase, Pf. Erika Kawamura) on March 18, 2021 in Tokyo.

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