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Datura for Trumpet and Guitar

Duration : 8 min.
mutes for trumpet: straight, plunger, wa-wa (also used without stem; written as Harmon)

Datura is a plant belonging to the family Solanaceae. It is called Angels Trumpet on the domain of flower shops in Japan, but on the other hand, rather in English it has the name of Devils Trumpet, as same as French and Italian. The flower is slender, and it bear fruit of the size of fist with prickles, and specially it has poison with all of the plant. Even the poison, it is common at many house gardens, and I saw it at the garden of Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano where I have studied coducting. Naturally I was interested in it, but even I have a habit to eat whatever plant everywhere, I heisted to eat it on that particular day. After I researched that plant seeing at another place, and I found it was a poisonous plant.
When I have thought a piece for trumpet and guitar, immediately I remember that plant which has flower like a trumpet, and curious form of
prickled fruit that likes a guitar. My resent works have often plants name, and it makes a cycle which has common language of my compositions.

Takuya Imahori

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String/Wind Brass Duo
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Takuya Imahori: Datura for trumpet and guitar Kiyonori Sokabe (trp), Gaku Yamada (guit) 11.3.2017 G.G. Saloon, Gendai Guitar Building, Kaname-cho, Tokyo Duo Concert by K. Sokabe and G. Yamada vol. 6 今堀拓也 ダチュラ トランペットとギターのための 曽我部清典(トランペット) 山田岳(ギター)